PhD Thesis

Aigars Ekers
Energu Transfer and ionisation processes in collison of alkali metal molecules and atoms, defenden in 1999 (March 23)
Jānis Alnis 
Coherent processes in alkali metal excitation and analytical spectroscopy with diode lasers, defended in 2002 (June 3)
Kaspars Blušs    
Rate equations for Zeeman coherences for analysis of interaction of atoms with radiation, defended in 2004, (September 21)
Kaspars Mičulis
Stochastic dynamics, ionisation, and radiative energy transfer in optically excited alkali gases, defended in 2006 (June 15)
Aigars Atvars
Advanced model for magneto-optical effects in rubidium and cesium vapor, defended in 2008, (November 27)
Linards Kalvāns
Investigation of the characteristics of magneto-optical resonances in alkali metal vapor, defended in 2011,( February 7)
Ilja Feščenko
Laser spectroscopy studies of the coherent processes in alkali atoms and molecules, defended in 2014, (December 10)
Artūrs Mozers
Laser radiation interaction with Rb atoms in an external magnetic field, defended in 2016, (January 12)


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